Studija JU

About us

About us

Public Institution “Studija JU” is an independent studio, which basic activities are: documentary, fiction and TV production. “Studija JU” focuses on:  - film and TV production, dedicated to the youth; - film and TV production at the crossroads of the multicultural  Lithuania. 

Our motto: creativity, honesty, professionalism

Our credo: Big cinema, low budget.

The 23 minutes long TV program "Cine @TV Kitchen" shown on the Lithuanian channel TV1 once a week. This is the only TV project about cinema all over the country. The program is dedicated to young amateurs and professionals in the cinema field.  The aims of this program are:

1. To inspire young people express themselves, their views and ideas in the sphere and by means of visual arts

2. To spread the information about cinema education all over the European Union.

3. To propagate European cinema as an indivisible part of Lithuanian national cinema.

We have already shot and shown TV programs, devoted to the different cinema schools, e.g. Latvian Academy of Culture, Estonian Film and Media School, Bulgarian National Academy of Film and Theater, Ireland St John's cinema college, also about visual arts faculty in the Byelorussian European Humanitarian University, about cinema education in the Georgian University and in the Lyon University2, and of course, about the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater.

 In our documentaries we speak about special people, who can realize themselves in a collision of various cultures in the world of globalization try to find their place in the rapidly changing world and society. These are the stories of those whose destinies are unique and incredible.  We suppose that our characters experience is helpful and informative for the broad audience.

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