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Mikas(Director of Photography)

I felt two truths, working in cinema.  First: do not cease to marvel at this world. Second: a minimum of means - a maximum of expression.

Jurij Grigorovitch(Artist)

Cinema gives one an opportunity to be a different person in different societies, countries and situations.  This is an extreme life. You never know what's waiting for you. Of course a movie is a joint work group acting as a single mechanism. Cinema is a job for people with strong nerves. Sometimes you have to wait and do nothing and then go all out and take all your potentials to do the work... That makes an explosion of feelings and emotions.  This is the time when everyone is gone from a real state to the "Vatican" of Film.  A strange feeling arises if suddenly you realize today is the last day of shooting and next day brings nothing. And there comes time of the abiss between films. Painting is my bridge over it. It saves me and makes it possible to continue creative work.  It helps my cinema approach to survive but in some other form.

Natalija Ju(Director)

In the beginning it was Dramaturgy and a passion for The Theater. But when it came to making a choice Cinema remained.

Vladimir Novikov(Composer and Editing Director)

Each of us is looking for his path in life. I am not an exception. Looking at the list of works I have ben doing for the last 4 years together with the directors, cameramen, writers, comperes, putting my hand on as an editing director and composer (This is the documentary "Children From The Sky", TV program "Cine & TV Kitchen”, "The Wheel of Life", “Portraits of Time "," Russian street "and" Green Academy ", a documentary film "Smokers", "Lithuania and Sweden - a century together, "Lithuanian Home", "Russian ghetto in Lithuania" television series "The Price Of Courage", etc.)  I realise that nothing in life happens accidentally. However, I cannot say that today I found my way. The search continues.

Nadezhda Pereverzeva(Administrator)

Can you combine two life dreams, two passions and make them your profession? It turns out you can.

Cinema and Theater.
2007 - 2010  an administrator of TV program "Cine & TV Kitchen"
2006 - 2010  a Technical Director of the International Festival of Solo Performances     "Reflection"
And this is not the limit for the alloy of film and theater, I have ideas ...

Eugene Demianchuk(Photographer)

By education I am an engineer-mechanic and a specialist in Oriental culture. Besides Russian and Lithuanian I am familiar with English and the language of the Taliban in Afghanistan (pushtu).
I am a photographer from the age of 11, professionally since 2005, when I learned that you can get money for this.

It dawned on me now that photography is the greatest tool invented by a man to understand the nature and himself. A movie is a lot of photos, arranged in series. I want to continue them…

Jenny (Producer)

I don’t really have one single credo in my life. I like many things, but most of all I like people. They are so different from each other and many of them are very talented. I think that because of this passion to individuals, I like spiritual subjects like astrology, psychology, philosophy. I think that the meaning of life is to understand one’s own way, and the most important thing to do is to follow this chosen way.

I find a great pleasure in the creation process and I believe that everyone should have a possibility to create one’s own world. That is why now I am busy as a producer – I am trying to find common language between such different societies as ordinary people, patron and artist. They are so different and it is very difficult for them to communicate, though they all need each other.

My facebook page is!/jjuchnevic

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